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What small groups can learn from Lebron's move to LA...

Ok, this may be a stretch, but there just may be some things for us to learn about small groups and their success from Lebron's move to LA. Before we dig in, let me get some disclaimers out there:

First, I am not a Lebron fan (definitely not a Kevin Love fan, either). The man is overpaid and is pretty much my same age and making millions for playing basketball. Not jealous, just a realist.

Second, I recognize the motivations for joining teams is different from joining groups, but there can be some internal motivations that I believe we can explore.

Now that we have that out of the way let's have some fun.

First, let's look at what Lebron realized:

Ok besides him making a gobbily-gook amount of money, let's be real and think that if they won this past year, I don't believe LA would have been in the picture. Bronny would have established himself as being able to take a team of nobodies and carry the entire team to the championship. That would have been a huge accomplishment as many of the players we don't know, well besides Kevin Love (don't get me started on how I can't understand how he is famous). Lebron realized though that even as good as he may be, he can't do it all on his own. He needed some support and needed to be put into an environment where a team could really be built around him. Does he want to make money? Yeah, but doesn't he also want to have a chance to win? Yeah.

The principle for small group leaders to remember is that you can't do it all alone. I have seen many groups with one person's vision and in a short amount of time, the group dies as the vision of the leader dies. The same is true of what happened in Cleveland. As the vision died for winning a championship, so did the team.   Remember that your group is the ones that God has placed to be with you for this time and to help them grow and depend on one another and learn how to be more dependent in Christ. As long as Christ is your vision, the group will never die.  It will truly multiply.

Second, let's look at what impact Lebronjo will make in LA:

LA was a mediocre team last season (especially with the Ball brother on there) and now has become an immediate contender with Lebron's presence. There are also the resources surrounding Lebron with all those celebrities paying for season tickets that will help to provide for his support cast to be put together. Lebron is a future Hall of Famer that brings with him success for his strengths and abilities.

Small group leaders have qualities that God has given you that can make an immediate impact when put to use. If its to teach, God will use your teaching to lead people to grow in their faith. If its to be hospitable, then the Lord will use your gift to make people feel welcome and connect to the body of Christ. If its to care and minister to others, God will use your gifts to help people know they are loved and cared for by the body of Christ.

Finally, let's look at how Lebron is connected to legacy:

Think about the great players that have come before Lebron in LA. Jerry West, Kareem, the Walton's (well at least one of them), Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Tyron Lue (well not really). Ok, so there have been some great players that were there before Lebron. Now its time for Lebron to pick up his torch and carry it and not create a legacy but rather see one continue.

Sunday school or small groups were not programs during the Old or New Testament times. However, the principles of evangelism, discipleship, multiplication were explicit. And our time as small group leaders is not to try and create a new legacy, rather this is our time to pick up the torch and carry the truth of the gospel forward in the most effective way: small groups.

Friends lead in such a way that doesn't try to make your own name but carries forward the name of Christ. I must decrease so He must increase. Carry His name wherever you go and make, multiply disciples.

Enjoy this time as we see Lebroncos make his transition, but let's remember the focus in small groups: it's about building a team, it's about making an impact, it's about carrying forward the message of Christ for the next generation!


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