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Don't call it a comeback...

Yes! I just quoted the great rap song, "Mama said knock you out..." Ok, so I don't know every lyric except the first line, but that's all I need. I'm in a new role of ministry as Adult Ministry Pastor at New Vision Baptist in Murfreesboro! The family is excited and I am ready to see how the Lord leads us through this time. Here are just a few things that I am focusing on during these first few days here:

- The return of blogging. I'm going to put some thoughts and journal about different things I'm learning here in the church. I'm hoping that my transparency helps myself and others to see how to work through challenges involved in on-ramping in a new ministry area. My hope as well is that others can benefit from the discussions to see how to communicate to the next level.

- Staying intimate with the Lord. It is very easy to get "busy" during transition times. During the time before we decided to receive the call to come to New Vision, it was a sweet time of intimacy with the Lord. I could also see how during this time, my intimacy can wane as other priorities come into the picture. However, there is nothing that can replace time with the Lord and never will. I have started reading through the Bible again and I am excited for the next year of where it leads.

- Being present as a good husband and father. Apart from my relationship with the Lord the greatest relationship that I am to develop is first with my wife and then with my children. The Lord has placed each one of them in my care as a spiritual leader and I will be held accountable for how I lead and serve them. Once again it can become easy to not be present as other things take place, but then to stop and realize there are times when I just need to be a dad and not a studying dad.  When I need to be a husband and not a minister. It's not compartmentalization, it's prioritizing.

- The alignment of ministry to vision. It is so easy to get caught up in developing a personal ministry ethos while rejecting the overall vision of the church. I'm here to simply support the vision of the church, multiply disciples, and support as a leader a team of other leaders that truly make things happen every day that grow the body of Christ. The more that we are working together with one voice and with a single vision, the more that we are going to remain on the path to leadership and growth in a healthy manner.

- Staying focused in school. I'm taking my tests for comps in a few weeks and I am consistently studying for the test when I get a free moment before and after work. This is a part of my life currently as I want to finish well in my work and not become an ABD.

Now that you know where I am at in my life, please let me know areas that I can pray for you as readers, leaders, and fellow workers for the glory of Christ.

God bless and let's enjoy this part of the journey together!


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