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How to double your attendance after Easter?

There is a sad but humorous that goes around church circles for the person that attends on special holidays in the church and then they are never seen again until the next one comes around.  C.E.O’s  Now there are many interpretations for this but the best one I have found is Christmas, Easter, and Other holidays.  It’s sad to say that this is the only time that these individuals think about coming to church.  But let me say that a part of the reason that these individuals only come on these days is partly at the fault of the church.  Let me explain.

Think about the preparation that was put into your worship service this past week.  You pulled out the best songs, you even dared to cross the line and do a few progressive contemporary songs (that was breaking tradition).  You also had your best outreach effort as you knocked on doors; your people were ready to invite anyone they saw to come to church.  Then you asked your people to invite any old church members to come back.  You wanted your small groups- Sunday School to be as sticky as possible, so you had breakfast, you had extra coffee, your greeters were smiling, your parking lot guys were ready to direct traffic, and they even recruited a few extra.  At our church, we experienced 18 baptisms this past week in our service, which added even more to the excitement of the day!  Do you see all the anticipation that was put into having a great Sunday attendance?

And yet if we are not careful we are going to allow this coming Sunday to be like a big balloon letting out all its air at the same time.  The work will stop of outreach and inreach!  The worship will return to a norm, the people will expect things The stickiness will be changed to once again an oiled back door where people are able to slide out easily again.  So how can we change the CEO’s to real CEO’s’ (Coming Every Opportunity).

1.       Contact your guests.  Make every opportunity to meet any guests face to face this week.  Have a special night of outreach, have a focused time to call, but make sure that your small group leaders are taking advantage of this opportunity to reach into homes.
2.       Make this week’s worship as exciting as this past week’s.  You mean to tell me that we can sing about Jesus being alive again?  Uhh yeah!  In fact every Sunday there is to be a song about how Jesus is alive.  Once again it keeps the anticipation building for every Sunday that people know they are going to sing about their risen Savior!
3.       Keep people engaged.  Think about the person that is coming to your church maybe for the first time, they are ready to experience something different, in fact for some people them just coming to church will be a difference for themselves.  If however you can build the excitement for people to keep desiring to come, then this will build momentum in your church past just one week. 
4.       Be prepared to make changes.  Having a larger amount of people than expected will reveal often times mistakes in our organization or structure that if we aren’t careful we will say, “Oh that’s a good problem to have…”  We need to learn intently from these mistakes, because a good problem may be a bad problem to someone else.  This can hinder rather than enhance their coming again.  Big Sunday’s need to make us aware of our potential of people coming, as well as what changes we would need to make to accommodate those people every Sunday.  So sit down and ask your leaders of what they would need to do different to be even more prepared, so that we don’t have good problems, but rather anticipated solutions.

Do not let this Sunday be discounted as being just another big Sunday.  Do not let the week after be discounted as well as going back to normal.  See your potential and prepare your church to keep people connected to the fellowship!


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